We have two casual games, one of them is not available yet. These have nothing at all to do with Tortured Hearts™ or roleplaying! They were made purely as commercial ventures. All proceeds from the sale of these games will go toward developing Tortured Hearts™.

   Newshawk Bags a Bootlegger™ -- Newshawk is a simple yet fairly challenging hidden object game which was made as a prototype for a series that didn't materialize. The protagonist is Lucas Brooks, a young man who dreams of being an investigative reporter, back in 1930 when reporters were much more daring and newspapers were the main source of information and entertainment.

   We can give you Newshawk immediately for a donation of $7 (USD) and this amount will also be a credit toward the eventual subscriber price of $20 USD for Tortured Hearts. Of course, any contribution over this amount is greatly appreciated. All money will go toward the development of Tortured Hearts™.

   When we get the receipt of your payment, we'll send you a download link to Newshawk as soon as possible.

   Thank you for your contribution...

Link to the Donation Page where your Donation can purchase Newshawk

Main Menu Office Restaurant


Gas Station Map Publisher


   DaCapo Delivers -- A time management game set in about 1920. Sal DaCapo, the villain in Newshawk, is a budding young criminal in a corrupt big city. He wants to be the top crime boss, but discovers that even crime takes organization and planning.


DaCapo Main Menu DaCapo Selector DaCapo Bakery


DaCapo Kiosk DaCapo Car Shop DaCapo Beauty Shop


DaCapo is not available yet!