Sylfeung Adventuring, Inc.

"Yes You Can!"

Welcome to Sylfeung Adventuring, where dreams come true! We want to make your custom adventure fulfilling. Our team of expert guides and quest designers needs to know as much about you as possible to serve you. Please fill out the application completely, using black waterproof ink. Our professional scribes will make a copy for your family to keep for reference, for an additional fee.



Nickname__________________________ Titles_____________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________

(street, house, city, country)

Name of emergency contact______________________________________________


Married___ Single___ Widowed ___ Divorced ___

Next of Kin___________________________________________________________


Do you have a will? Yes__________ No___________

We highly recommend an up-to-date will. Our professional scribes will prepare one for an additional fee.

Please list all:



Chronic diseases_______________________________________________________

Other special needs_____________________________________________________

All applicants must submit a certification of physical fitness by an approved physician. If you have any allergies, chronic diseases, disabilities, or other special needs, your basic Adventure fee may be increased. Our own physician will examine you at a moderate cost if you do not have one.


All adventure packages must be paid in advance. SAI may need your credit information if additional expenses are incurred by you while you are on your Adventure. Such expenses might include but are not limited to: Damage caused by you to uninvolved third parties; extra time in inns due to inclement weather; processing and shipping your remains in case of an accident.

Credit Reference________________________________________________________

Bank Account__________________________________________________________


We highly recommend liability insurance as well as life and health insurance. Temporary policies are available through our underwriters at a moderate cost.


Do you have your own weapon? Yes_____ No_____

We recommend a brief training course with our expert instructors if you have no weapon experience. Fee will depend on length of practice and weapon(s) chosen. SAI can furnish you with the weapon of your choice for a modest rental fee.

Right or Left Handed_____

Weapon Preference______________________________________________________

Military experience______________________________________________________

Weapon proficiencies____________________________________________________

Hunting experience______________________________________________________

Largest kill____________________________________________________________

Previous SAI courses ____________________________________________________

I agree that the above is true. I agree to hold SAI harmless from all damages and injury, including death, incurred during an SAI Adventure experience, whether SAI was at fault or not. I agree that if my Adventure has to be cancelled or is interrupted for any reason including but not limited to war, riots, and acts of hostile gods, I will not be entitled to any refund.



Printed Name_____________________________


SAI Witness______________________________


Sylfeung Adventuring, Inc (“SAI”), a licensed enterprise of Malfekki State, makes no claim implied or explicit that their clients will be satisfied or safe while on trips and experiences designed and led by SAI. SAI agrees to make every effort to return any retrievable remains of deceased clients to their next of kin for a reasonable fee.