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Steam Account/Profile

Postby SoulSojourner » Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:11 am

Hey, Z.

Man, the only way I can find TH on Greenlight on Steam is by already knowing where it is. I can type the full name out in Greenlight and I can't find it. I can't even find the user "Jessepret" and that's not good news.

If Jessepret is represented as the lead developer or someone high on that list, then both the game and Jessepret need to be easily found on Steam. Steam -is- a big deal, a very big deal, and it can mean all the difference in the world.

My suggestion is this... Jessepret absolutely -needs- some Steam rep. I'm not saying that you go out and write reviews and play a bunch of games or anything, but I am saying that he/she absolutely needs a profile, and that profile needs to be set to public viewing. Also, nobody can find you if you don't exist, and you only barely exist unless you actually -own- a game on Steam. My recommendation is to purchase a super cheap game to solidify your presence on Steam. Something simple will work, I have a few cheap examples. Town of Salem, Papers Please, Silence of the Sleep. Those are all only a few bucks, I think Silence is the cheapest. Then customize and develop a public profile and give the account an alias such as "Tortured Hearts" or "TH Developer" or "TH Rep" or something that makes it recognizable.

The only reason I can find it, is because I have this link: ... searchtext

Or basically, because I know where to go, but using the Steam searches gets me nowhere when looking for it. Even if Steam doesn't offer a lot of support right now, it will be a huge help in bringing in players down the road.

FB is great, but most PC gamers looking for games or interested in developing titles, are going to be poking around Steam. If you can get this stuff sorted out, that would be a big deal.
From there, if you want to go an extra step you could shoot for the Community Leader badge, or a lesser equivalent of it. You should have half of what you need for that already, in videos and content. Plus adding the extra security to the account isn't a bad idea either, especially for a developer. That works toward the badge too. The badge isn't necessary though, but it does look good. :)

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Re: Steam Account/Profile

Postby DrHoo » Sat Jan 16, 2016 3:48 pm

Nice advice, but I have some reasons for not doing that. You could ask me privately.

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