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Tortured Hearts™, or How I Saved the Universe. Again.

An epicly epic role playing game

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Epic in length, epic in scope, epic in detail and immersive possibilities using the Unity 3D game engine.

Tortured Hearts™ is a unique and sophisticated role playing game for independent thinkers, by independent gamers. It didn't originate in a giant studio, it wasn't bought up and rearranged endlessly by metric driven industry executives to be a standard game, it doesn't depend on violence to keep your attention. It was created from life observations, shaped by philosophy, and colored with imagination.


01 March 2020 - Game has been released!

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This is a long story of discovery and moral choices, developed through a complex, non-linear story with multiple endings. The story is serious, but the protagonist never loses his sense of the absurd or his insight into social falsities. Many situations parody game cliches, skewer political correctness, and disparage hypocrisy.

Tortured Hearts™ follows the career of a seasoned adventurer as he overcomes adversity to rise to the exalted ranks of the Chosen Ones of his profession. The Protagonist faces many enemies, but Burnout is the greatest one. He is all too aware that his life is a stereotype and his activities are cliches; he's jaded by the same old dungeons and fetching quests that face him at every turn. He wants the thrills that first drew him to his profession, but the thrill is gone. Yet he knows this is what he was born to do; he'd never consider changing. Whatever he feels, whatever faces him, he soldiers on, changing the world around him as he goes. Within the general story of unraveling a cosmic plot and confronting the forces of fate, there are many other stories and struggles, great and small. From lowly pigs wishing for a nice treat to rebuilding a fallen city, Our Hero has no end of challenges. He can rescue a not so typical dumb princess in an even less typical distress, as well as a goblin weirdo, an ever so terribly important cat, a gang of skeletons, and many other characters suffering their own personal tortures. But this is just the surface. Beside killing the everyday orcs and rats and other nasties, he also has to deal with corporate villainy and mindless stupidity. His companions and many other characters in the world have their own problems which affect him; he can respond to either win their affection or drive them away. Or he can actually go solo, even avoiding the usual forced & essential companion.

It is meant to be an immersive journey where the end is not always clear and success is not always easy, much like real life. The player who is in a hurry can skip many side quests, but every one enriches the player in some way and the whole taken together tie up all the threads of the story. Whatever path the player takes through this complex game world, there are others he could take in a replay, other choices he could make, other results...

Welcome to Eupherea, adventurer!