- All conversations are written, translated to Hungarian, SCRIPTED and tested at least once (512.000+ words of interactive conversation using 1330 conversation files, including companion banter). Additional text (one-liners, journals, descriptions, messages, unit speech) is about 200.000+ more words.

- NPC one-liners are written and coded for hundreds of NPCs: at least 13 random lines for characters moving around in their idle cycles

- All quests done and tested.

- Script driven conversation system in Unity works 100%

- Unit Speech for protagonist and companions has been written, using 75 categories, 3700+ lines
- Using proprietary Toon Shader, courtesy of János Strasszer
- Assigning item properties to named equippables (100 %)
- Writing and Assigning Combat and Non-combat GUI tooltips,  Placeable/Door object descriptions  (This covers almost 1000 interactive objects)NPC/Creature descriptions (This covers slightly more than 1000 instances), descriptions for non-equippable items (Plot items, gems, sideline items, consumables: 600+ items),  descriptions for named equippable items (weapons, armor, accessories), Item Property descriptions (100% in both languages)

- Finalizing journal entries for the entire game (100 %, 1345 journal entries altogether)

- Main screen 3D scene with animation and buttons

- Hungarian translation (100 %) Conversations, Item Properties, One-Liners, Non-Combat Tooltips, Unit Speech, Journal, NPC/Creature Descriptions, Placeable Descriptions, Inventory Item Descriptions, Buff/Debuff Descriptions, Item Randomizer texts, Map Pins, Area Names, Doors, Item Property Descriptions

- Conversion of prototype to Unity 3D (object xml's and script commands), Journal code, In-game Debug Console features, Item Modifier System, Buff/Debuff icon management, Non-Combat and Combat GUI code, Options Coding, NPC Scheduler, In-Game Cutscene system, Stealing & Picklock & Telepathy (100 %)

- All musics assigned to areas (135 musical scores) + a couple of short situational ones

- Assigning Converted NWN data to Unity game objects (100 %) (Plot Items/Consumables/Gems/Food/Crafting Ingredients/Gifts/Accessories/Weapons/Armor, Area Properties, Musics, Creatures/Doors/Placeables with placeholder models, Encounter Triggers, Common Triggers, Shops, Waypoints with map pin data)
- Terrain painting (100%)
- Visual Effects, Sound Effects (100 %)
- Buff/Debuff/Modifier icons (100 %, using 349 icons)
- Character Animation System (100 %)
- Areas done: 185/185 (These are either Terrain-using exteriors and Modelled Interiors. This respectively includes geometry, water/lava, VFX, sky, story objects (also doors), lights, teleporters, sounds (including footstep setting), pathfinding set-up, blockers, geometry occlusion & music.)
- All interactive placeables done (1000 instances)

- All inventory inventory items done  (1664 instances)

- Character models and animations (1019 instances) 

- Character Generator Screen

- Tutorial System (100 %)

- Combat System (100 %) 

- Testing creatures in combat situations (100%)

- 100 % of GUI graphics created.

- Save/Load System (100 %)

- Voice (100%) These are the mobs and NPCs (combat and selection).  PC and Companion unit speeches can only be realized through a crowdfunding campaign.

Under Construction


Nothing is under construction. Sequel is being prepared. As well as other games.