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   Zoltán Gonda originated the saga of Tortured Hearts with his first module for the Neverwinter Nights 1 community, Tortured Hearts I. This was followed by Tortured Hearts II, written in collaboration with Jim Grimsley (USA) and András Gáspár (in Hungarian) (HU). These two modules have been consistently rated by players among the top modules ever written for NWN 1. Some characters and elements were carried on from THI to THII and now to the present stand-alone game.


   There are a few personalities and areas of TH that are carried over from the NWN modules, even though otherwise the world is quite different because those modules were placed in an area of Faerun with a D&D cosmology.


   In TH I, a traveler gets embroiled in the disappearance of two star-crossed lovers and a competition between evil mages. In the process of trying to locate the lovers, the traveler becomes an accomplished adventurer. At the end, he/she settles down to obscurity.


   In TH II, the protagonist is the child of the TH1 hero/heroine, who grew up on a farm and went to the big city of Raven Fall to seek his fortune. He soon established a little candlemaking enterprise, but was even sooner bored. Curiosity led him to leave the secure life of a merchant and learn the adventuring trade. He had only the stories of his parent to guide him, so looking for "work" was something of a random hit and miss affair. However, his curiosity was the key factor that kept him poking into new crannies, turning over social rocks and finding cockroaches as it were.
   He was able to meet others who would travel with him, and they supported themselves in the usual manner by doing favors, finding treasure in unlikely caves, fetching things, gathering items from the wild, and even crafting. As they wandered around, they heard a name that was very familiar to him: Vynblud. It was the clan that his parent had fought. But they were apparently still around. A powerful member had escaped from the parent and kept things going. This gave him some goal: to finish the work his parent had started.



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