Tortured Hearts™ is being produced with personal funds and minimal resources by a dedicated group. At the moment it's all outgo and no income. If you would like to help support development please consider donating. The process needs a valid PayPal account! Any amount is appreciated. Small donations will be noted as credits toward the future purchase of Tortured Hearts™ when it is finished. A total donation of $20 will be rewarded with a copy of the game when it is finished.

$7  -- Newshawk Bags a Bootlegger (our casual game to support the development of TH)

Higher level donations will add benefits like this:

$50  -- Newshawk, Tortured Hearts, invitation to beta test Tortured Hearts and your name on a special credit page
$100 -- Same rewards as $50 plus your name in the game on a weapon or armor or book or wanted poster or street sign etc. (to be discussed with You)
$200 -- Same rewards as  $100 plus an NPC with your name in the game, a digital copy of the prequel novel Tortured Hearts: Down a Dangerous Road, and your credit upgraded with your photo (or your avatar)
$400 -- Same rewards as $200 plus you can appear as either a boss monster or a shopkeeper and have a few lines of your own

In order to donate, you must be registered and log in. Please register, if you haven't already. If you don't see the donate button, you aren't logged in. Thank you!


In order to donate, you have to log in. Thank you!