Game Psych - What is it?

   Once there was a psychology student who liked to play games. Through 12 years of college she played games. By the time she was “developed,” so was the gaming industry.  Better games won out over position papers as a meaningful life activity.  Developing a good game turned out to be a lot more intellectually challenging than adding a new self-help plan to bookstore overload. In short, she became a gamer psychologist, or Game Psych for short. And never looked back.

   Looking forward, making games is even better than playing them; like the ultimate game, putting together the pieces of a complex puzzle. This requires team effort. Fortunately there are any number of gamers ready to take that next step and make their own games. Game Psych has allied with a small Hungarian game development company, Teleport Games Kft., specifically to make Tortured Hearts. What we lack in size we make up for in dedication.

    Lenore S. Hoehl, PhD


Link to Game Psych LLC.