Our Core Team

   Lenore Hoehl aka DrHoo, of Arizona, is the English interface and office wonk who has written or proofread over a million words of deathless game text strings and invented tons of NPC gear. She founded Game Psych LLC to help Hungarian friends with the business end of development in the USA.

Favorite movie: Silent comedies, Star Wars
Favorite game: Planescape: Torment, Buried in Time, Jewel Quest
Favorite pastime: Traveling and Sightseeing, Studying
Favorite music: J. S. Bach, Reggae, Classic guitar
Favorite author: Mark Twain, Larry Niven, Douglas Adams        

   Zoltán Gonda aka Bassman aka SubBassman, of Budapest, spent 10 years in the game industry building strategy games as a scripter and level designer. He worked on Haegemonia: The Legions of Iron; Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage; Panzers: Phase 2; Rush for Berlin; Panzers: Cold War. But even before perfecting space and tank battles, he didn't actually idle. The creative burst started with Newcomer™, a game for Commodore 64, in 1990-94. It escalated with two Neverwinter Nights™ community modules, Tortured Hearts I and II, and has come to full flower with this stand-alone game, Tortured Hearts™, or How I saved the Universe. Again.

Favorite movie: Excalibur, The Dirty Dozen, Alien 1-2-3
Favorite game: Wasteland (C64), Fallout 2, AVP 1-2, DDO
Favorite pastime: Making unusual games, Bass guitar, Wing Chun
Favorite music: Judas Priest, Powerwolf, Alestorm, Mytra
Favorite author: Jenő Rejtő aka P. Howard                               

   Miklós Hámor aka Mycyka, of Budapest, the main helping hand in the programming field.  (modifiers, combat system, additional problem solving) 7+ years game development experience, 15+ years RPG experience and 20+ years of computer game experience. Titles: Field Ops, Rush for Berlin, Codename: Panzers - Cold War


Favorite movie: Marvel Comics, Star Wars
Favorite game: Settlers, Starcraft, Warcraft 
Favorite pastime: Kung fu, Writing novels, RPG, System creation
Favorite music: Any kind
Favorite author: Wayne Chapman aka András Gáspár