2. Jan. 2019 - Happy New Year, guys! Tortured Hearts is being beta tested. Thanks for your continued interest. Feel free to join the Forum. (You need to register above first)

        2. Jan. 2018 - Happy New Year, dear friends! Tortured Hears is being tested as a whole. Thanks for your patience. Feel free to join the Forum. 

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        2. Jan. 2017 - Happy New Year, dear friends! Alpha is about 95% done. Feel free to join the Forum. (You need to register above first)

         20. June. 2016 - Alpha is about 75 % done.

         3. Jan. 2016 - Happy New Year, guys! We are still working hard.

         2. Jan. 2015 - Happy New Year! Though some days it may seem like it's been forever, it's only been

         two years since we really got to work on TH, and we are making great progress with our small team.

         We are always cheered by your visits. Feel free to join the Forum. (You need to register above first)

24. Jan. 2014 - Happy New Year! We continue to make progress converting the NWN prototype to the Unity engine. It is now possible to walk around, inspect things, open doors, and of course the most important thing: blow up barrels. Stay tuned for developments on our Facebook page!

12. Feb. 2013 - Tortured Hearts is on Steam's Greenlight now. Please support us with your vote there, thank you. 

22. Dec. 2012 - We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A demo video is due soon... Here's a Christmas Desktop Picture for you guys:

Merry Christmas Desktop Picture

Link to the picture

1. Aug. 2012 - Tortured Hearts website has finally been launched! Please follow development and consider helping us as far as your possibilities allow. Also, please register and join our forum. We appreciate your feedback!

1. Jul. 2012 - Teleport Games Kft. was acquired by GamePsych LLC to make the development of TH smoother.

Spring 2012 - Conversations and quests are practically done. The game is ready to be converted to the final development environment.

Summer 2008 - Development of the game was started by Zoltán. This includes all the conversations and quests in NWN 1.